Tracking system


Mirror field control system

Tracking system
Tracking system

Customized electric push rod and seamless precision joint
The core transmission component with its own invention patent is stable and reliable.
First, the precision industry is the highest, the power station efficiency is increased by 2-3%, and the annual generating capacity is increased by about 10 million degrees.
Two. The life of the power station increased from 30 years to 50-80 years, reaching the level of hydropower.
1. A new push rod (a method of fixing a screw rod at the 2 end of a push rod):
the thrust is raised from several tons to tens of tons, and the life span has been raised from several years to decades. (the load of the market product is only a few tons, and the life is not more than 10 years).
2, precision joint (no gap joint):
The use of no gap for a long time will greatly improve the collimating aiming accuracy of the system and achieve the accuracy of machine tools.